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Our deconstructed skillets are definitly the EYE catcher! Dessert candles that look good enough to eat, but please don't! Burn the candle, or put it on your countertop as decoration. Want to know the best part? When the wax is all gone, clean out the base & you have a perfectly good cast iron skillet!




Buttery Pecan

Wild Cherry

Peach Cobbler

Deconstructed Blueberry 

Apple Pie


  • Dessert Candles are Novelty Candles and require more maintenance than a regular candle. 

    Especially if its in a unique vessel. 

    Burn the candle for the first 3 minutes. Blow out, let solidify, trim your wick, then relight it. Often times dessert & drink candles don’t burn evenly.

    Always place your candle on a plate or in an aluminum tin to catch excess wax that may drip down along the outside.

    Dessert candles should not burn no more than an hour at a time, due to safety.

    If a candle with whipped topping or high embeds burn down quickly, a more frequent wick cut is required.

    If the vessel gets hot, avoid lighting. This usually happens when there is little to no wax in the vessel.

  • Please keep in mind that all products are handmade to order. Therefore, allow up to 2 weeks for processing. All products will be carefully hand-packed. Please be aware that some components might shift while in transit. Open with caution.

    We are located in the Southaven, MS area. Local pickup is also an option.

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