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What occasion doesn't call for cake? You have weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Why not impress your guests with a WAX cake that's strong in scent and mesnerizing by sight.



NW - No Wicks (Display Only) 

WW - With Wicks (Able to Burn) 

Prices vary depending upon the cake style

It's a Wax CAKE!

  • Dessert Candles are Novelty Candles and require more maintenance than a regular candle. Especially if its in a unique vessel. 

    Burn the candle for the first 3 minutes. Blow out, let solidify, trim your wick, then relight it. Often times dessert & drink candles don’t burn evenly.

    **Always place your candle on a plate or in an aluminum tin to catch excess wax that may drip down along the outside.

    Dessert candles should not burn no more than an hour at a time, due to safety.

    If a candle with whipped topping or high embeds burn down quickly, a more frequent wick cut is required.

    If the vessel gets hot, avoid lighting. This usually happens when there is little to no wax in the vessel.

  • We do not ship cakes due to their delicacy.

    Local pick up or drop off ONLY!

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